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10 coronavirus deaths yesterday, with 544 active cases 

Khartoum Oct 13 (SUNA) – Corona virus report No. 509 of suspected and confirmed cases showed yesterday, Tuesday, that 66 confirmed cases of corona were recorded, including 44 cases in Khartoum state, 9 cases in the northern state, 10 cases were recorded in the Nile River and one case in Kassala state, in addition To another case in West Kordofan State and another in Khartoum State, the private laboratories “International Hospital”.

10 deaths were also recorded, including three cases in the state of Khartoum and three in the Nile River, two cases were recorded in the North and one case in the Gezira state, and one case was recorded in the North Kordofan state, in addition to the presence of 544 active cases so far in the country.

Source: SUNA

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