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Abu Haga: Some Powers Restored to GIS to Put End to Sabotage Hands 

Khartoum, Dec.29(SUNA)-Advisor  of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Brig.Al Tahir Abu Haga said the some powers  restored to the General Intelligence Service(GIS) recently was normal with the current circumstances  and the objective of that  is  to put an end  the security threats that threaten security and stability of the country such as sabotage, spying ,  combatting terrorism and its cells, drug trafficking  the trans-national border crimes

Abu Haga said some elements  exploit climate of freedom negatively by making chaos , adding that restoration of some powers to GIS would not threaten freedom and the right gt to demonstrate.

He explained that the step was made  to stop the sabotage hands of those who do not want a stable transitional period  and  real democratic transformation  besides protecting the peacefulness of the revolution  from attempts  to drage it to violence.

. Al-Tahir said that it is not logical for the state to stand idly by in front of destroying facilities, breaking streets, and disrupting the interests of people, saying freedom is important, but it is very harmful to infringe upon the freedom of others.


Source: SUNA

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