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Acting Wali of Sudan’s El Gezira state resigns 

January 24 – 2022 EL GEZIRA, The acting Wali (Governor) of Sudan’s El Gezira state, Abdelhadi Adlan, resigned from his position on Saturday, saying that he had not been consulted before being appointed to the position. He asserts that the body entrusted with appointing ministers and agents should be the Council of Ministers, not the Sovereignty Council.

In his resignation, Adlan explained that he was not consulted in the decision to appoint him for the position of acting governor, and that he “accepted the position in December in compliance with a call to the homeland in these critical circumstances”.

The resignation of the governor is the third after the resignation of the Acting Minister of Youth and Sports, Ayman Sayed, from the caretaker government, which was formed by junta leader Abdelfattah El Burhan. Undersecretary of the federal Ministry of Health Haisam Ibrahim resigned in December.

In mid-December, Sudan’s Federal Governance Minister, Buseina Dinar, issued a decision that terminated the services of the acting state governors who were appointed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Army, Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan, following military coup d’état on October 25.

The decision was in line with implementation of the directives of the then Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok, who was released from house arrest after signing a controversial political agreement with Gen El Burhan, to review the decisions issued during the period immediately after the coup. Hamdok has also since resigned.


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