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Advance Delegation of People’s Movement Meets with African Experts Committee 

Damazin, May 29 (SUNA) – A joint  meeting was held in Damazin between the advance delegation of the People’s Delegation (Malik Aggar faction), headed by Al-Sheikh Al-Doud Bakhot, and a committee of the African Union’s experts, which is concerned with the situation of the war-affected children and the follow up of implementing the settlement agreement signed with Sudan government, in the presence of the Secretary General of the Children Welfare Council in the Blue Nile State, Neimat Adam Khalil.

Sheikh Bakhot has given a comprehensive briefing on to the African experts committee on the war-affected children and size of the suffering that the returnees are facing as well as the destruction inflicted on the educational and health institutions in the state.

He affirmed their readiness to cooperate with the concerned authorities to implement the terms of the settlement agreement signed between the government of Sudan and the African Union.

Members of the committee have stressed the necessity of rehabilitation of the educational, health and services institutions, providing psychological and social support to the returnee children and expediting issuance of the identity documents that were lost during the war and dispute.


Source: SUNA

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