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African experts meet with bodies working in field of childhood in Damazin

African experts meet with bodies working in field of childhood in Damazin 

Damazin, May 28- (SUNA) – The Director of the Social Development Sector in Blue Nile State, Mutasim Badr Medani, chaired the joint meeting of the African Experts Committee of the African Union headed by Mr. Robert Doya, the government agencies and organizations working in the field of childhood, in the presence of Nimat Adam Khalil the Secretary General of the Council for Child Welfare in the state and representatives of the National Council for Child Welfare.

Mutasim Badr  pointed to the work of the social development sector, with its various components, in harmony to promote and protect children, with an independent council for child care in addition to the relevant departments represented by the Department of Women, Family and Children in addition to social care and the Unit for Combating Violence against Women and Children

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the African Experts Committee, Mr. Robert, has provided a comprehensive enlightenment on the objectives of the committee’s visit, which is to follow up the complaint made by a number of organizations about the existence of violations of children in conflict areas, and the Sudan’s government’s decision to enter into a settlement by the agreement signed in December last year.

He noted that the committee’s visit comes to determine the extent of the implementation of the settlement, especially since one of the most important requirements is for the Sudanese government to submit reports on the level of implementation every 6 months.

Robert added that the issue of the settlement depends on the federal government enact of laws, while state governments and civil society organizations are working to address the settlements that have been made.

He appreciated the existence of mechanisms at the center and state levels to implement what was agreed upon, noting that the African Committee of Experts is committed to 4 basic principles in its work, including the well-being of children and their participation in the decisions making in the issues related to them, and the non-discrimination in children’s issues and rights.

On her part, the Secretary General of the Child Welfare Council, Nemat Adam Khalil, affirmed the council and its partners’ readiness to implement the settlement similar to what was done in the implementation of the joint action plan to protect children in conflict areas, and commended the growing roles of childhood partners in the state, and their readiness to implement the settlement, pledging presentation of the proposal to form committees concerned with implementation for the state government to immediately start its implementation.


Source: SUNA

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