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Al-Burhan Affirms Keenness of Military Establishment on Democratic Transition 

Khartoum, Sep.26 (SUNA)-The President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC), Gen. Abdul- Fattah Al-Burhan, has praised the  great efforts being made by the officials  at Sudan Heart Center  in providing health services to citizens , lauding the progress and technological  and medical development being achieved in the sector of  medical health in Sudan.  

Al-Burhan, who was  addressing the inauguration ceremony of the new extension of Sudan Heart Center   in Khartoum today, hailed  endeavors of the Armed Forces , stressing keenness of the military establishment on smooth democratic transition  and its categorical  commitment  to the change as well as standing alongside the Sudanese people  and its will until it reaches to free and fair elections.  

The TSC President expressed regret over rumors  and what have been propagated about the Armed Forces , noting that the Armed Forces is a deep-rooted establishment that  works for united Sudan and that it is the guarantor and protector of unity of the country , reaffirming  that any circle would not be allowed to  harm or question the  patriotism and loyalty of  members of the Armed Forces.

He underscored that the Armed Forces is a national institution , calling on all political forces which believe in  change , political parties   and the Forces of Freedom and Change  to work together  in order to achieve the values  and slogans of the revolution aspired by the people.

The President of the TSC  saluted  all the regular forces, hailing  endeavors of those who are guarding the  borders   of the country at Fashga  and Umbarkit areas and  who repulsed yesterday the incursion attempt  of the Ethiopian forces.


Source: SUNA

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