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Al-Burhan reiterates commitment to Sudan’s army reforms 

May 19, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – Sudan’s Transitional Sovereign Council Chairman, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, said that the army is committed to implementing the security arrangements and reforming its structures as agreed in a peace deal with the armed groups.

Al-Burhan made his remarks during a meeting with the army’s generals on Wednesday after his return from the Paris conference in support of the democratic transition in Sudan.

The Sudan Armed Forces (SAF)’s media reported that the al-Burhan confirmed “the army’s readiness and readiness to implement the security arrangements in accordance with the (Juba) peace agreement.”

Al-Burhan further called on the army generals to “not pay attention to rumours aimed at destabilizing the armed forces and their cohesion,” added a statement released after the meeting.

The head of the Sovereign Council was alluding to fake news on social media about a planned attack by the army leadership to kill the Sudanese youth on 11 May during the commemoration of the bloody attack of 2019 on a pro-democracy sit-in.

Further, the Monte Carrow news website reported that the al-Burhan spoke during the meeting about the end of the army political role and its return to the barracks after holding the general elections scheduled for the end of the transitional period.

According to the Juba peace agreement, all the government militia and the former rebel combatants will be merged in the national army which will be reformed and established on new bases.


Source: SudanTribune

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