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Al-Burhan: Unity of the Regular Forces is Guarantee for Sudan’s Cohesion 

 Khartoum, Sep.22(SUNA)- The President  of the Transitional Sovereignty Council(TSC), General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, reiterated the state’s keenness to build the capabilities of the armed forces in all its components to enable them to achieve their goals and protect the change that the people have made  with the blood of its sons.

The TSC  President said , when he was addressing Wednesday , officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the Special Forces in Al-Markhayat area, on the occasion of the graduation of the seventh batch of the Special Forces, in the presence of the First Vice-President  of TSC Gen  Mohamed  Hamdan Daglo, and  a number  of the TSC members that the unity of the regular forces represents the only guarantee for the unity and cohesion of Sudan and the realization of the values of freedom, justice and peace

Al-Burhan stressed that the armed forces do not accept any domination by any political entity , and that the systematic campaign against them will not discourage them from achieving their goals, denying that the armed forces have a connection with what is running  in the east Sudan , which he described as political events that must be resolved before they exacerbate

Al-Burhan  stressed the need for the unity of the national political forces that believe in change to build a civil state that appreciates the armed forces through free and fair elections in order to achieve the slogans of the December revolution, calling on politicians to pay attention to the issue of elections and institutions that promote democracy and good governance.

The President of the TSC denounced the call that was directed to the Sudanese people to come out on the morning of the coup attempt to protect the revolution, stressing that no party will be able to exclude  the regular forces from the scene during the transitional period.

He  explained that the armed forces were the ones who aborted the last coup attempt and not any other party, and said, “We renew our statement to the politicians that our forces aborted the coup attempt and we have no desire to seize power,” noting that there are political forces whose only concern is fighting for the throne, ignoring the suffering of  citizen and focused on insulting the armed forces.

He  noted t exclusion  of  the armed forces from the prime minister’s initiative and that no party could lead the country alone, calling for sponsoring the political partnership.


Source: SUNA

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