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Al Burhan urges implementation of security arrangements in Darfur 

October 7 – 2021 KHARTOUM, The head of the Sovereignty Council and Commander-in-Chief of the Sudan Armed Forces, Lt Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan, has stressed the need to expedite the implementation of security arrangements in accordance with the Juba Peace Agreement, in order to achieve security and stability in Darfur.

In a meeting at his office on Monday, El Burhan briefed the Joint Higher Council for Security Arrangements on the implementation of the security arrangements protocol for Darfur. Members of the Darfur Track Technical Committee attended the meeting.

The leader of the Sudan Liberation Movement and Governor of Darfur, Minni Minawi, reported in a press statement on Tuesday that the meeting concluded with an agreement to evacuate the non-regular forces from Khartoum. Furthermore, the meeting confirmed the need to immediately dispatch joint forces to Darfur.

Involved in decision-making

Monday witnessed also the end of a series of meetings of the Permanent Ceasefire Committee, organised by the United Nations Integrated Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) in cooperation with the Higher Committee for Security Arrangements.

The participants recommended “the implementation of the provisions of the peace agreement, the restoration of the Rule of Law, awareness-raising concerning human rights and laws on the local level, promotion of peaceful coexistence and reaching transitional justice”.

In addition, the displaced people in Sudan must have the opportunity to participate in decision-making, providing protection for women and children, working to find a solution for the continuing conflicts between herders and farmers, and reforming laws related to land governance and hawakeer (lands traditionally used by tribal communities).

In his address to the meeting on Monday, North Darfur Governor Nimir Abdelrahman affirmed “the commitment of the parties to the peace process in enforcing the security arrangements clause as the main entry point for achieving security and stability” in Sudan’s western region.

He appealed to the international community to provide more support to Sudan’s democratic transition.


Community leader Hussein Abusharati told Radio Dabanga from Kalma camp in South Darfur on Monday that the displaced people are wondering why they have to continue to live in insecurity. “According to what is included in the Constitutional Document, the Juba Peace Agreement (JPA) has not been implemented by even one percent so far,” he complained.

In a statement on Sunday, the Sudan Troika (USA, UK, and Norway) expressed their serious concerns about the delays in the implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement. “This includes establishing the Peace Commission, the Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanism, the Transitional Legislative Assembly, and establishing the Darfur Security Keeping Forces and the JPA security arrangements.

“Progress is needed now. We urge all JPA signatories to demonstrate leadership and work together to refocus on implementation to deliver much needed peace and security for the people,” the Troika said.


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