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Al-Degair: No Room for Neutrality or Compromise Over Democratic Transformation 

Khartoum, Oct.17(SUNA)-The Chairman of the Sudanese Congress Party, Omer Al Degair, has underlined that the track of the transition period should be in one direction, towards  democratic civil transformation

In a statement to SUNA, Al-Degair said: “There is no room for impartiality, or compromise in the position against the attempts to impede  the democratic transition process, regardless of the parties behind these attempts, and that the Sudanese people will not accept the return of dictatorship  with  any form.”

Commenting on  Saturday , October 16 march , Al-Deqair said: “Political differences are a natural matter and can only be resolved through dialogue, and no matter how complicated the political differences are, they do not justify relinquishing   the revolution’s main goal and retrieving  the “first declaration ” to block the path to civil and democratic transformation.”

He added “Many of the revolutionary forces are completely dissatisfied with the performance during the last period, and their processions demanding correction did not stop and they are able to do so, but they will never accept the return of dictatorship,  not reconcile with any coup calls and will confront them with the tools of their tested peaceful resistance and that  their expected  marches  on October 21 will be  a clear and emphatic message for  adherence  to achieving the goals of the revolution that lead to civil and democratic transformation, and achievement of  conditions of  decent life for all Sudanese.”

. The Chairman of the Sudanese Congress Party  called for putting the interest of the country above any other interests along with  agreement of all  to conduct  an honest and transparent critical review with the aim of correcting the mistakes of the past period of the transitional period, improving performance, and resolving all disputes and outstanding  files with the reference to the Constitutional Document that defines the duties of the transitional period and the tasks and powers of its institutions.

. He stressed the necessity of forming  the legislative council, which represents all the forces of the revolution, and completing the  justice organs and commissions to  be at top of the agenda.


Source: SUNA

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