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Al-Hadi Idris Appreciates UNESCO Role in Supporting Democratic Transition

Al-Hadi Idris Appreciates UNESCO Role in Supporting Democratic Transition 

Khartoum, June 7 (SUNA) – The member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and head of the Revolutionary Front, Dr. Al-Hadi Idris, has appreciated UNESCO’s concern and contribution to the democratic transition process in the country through its cooperation in UNESCO activities in the media sector of the parties to the peace process.

In his address to the Workshop on the UNESCO Activities in Media Sector of Peace Parties, Dr. Idris has described the workshop as an important one and held in an important time when the country is surpassing a transition phase, referring to the current negotiations in Juba to complete the peace process and to finalize discussion on the constitutional conference and the elections.

He said that

He pointed out that the UNESCO with its capabilities is qualified to contribute to leading the comprehensive reform process on media issues, noting that without a real reform we cannot talk about a smooth transition.

He called for reform in all institutions, the most important of which is the media to address the systematic distortion practiced by the former regime.

He affirmed that the reform process requires efforts, patience and political will in the first place.

The media figure, Isra Zainal-Abidin, has spoken about the importance of education, training and employment and making the issue of acquiring media skills for journalists and media professionals as part of the school curriculums.


Source: SUNA

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