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Al-Hassan Al-Mirghani Leaves for East Sudan 

Khartoum, Aug. 30 (SUNA) – Deputy chairman of the Democratic Unionist Party, Mohamed Al-Hassan Mohamed Osman Al-Mirghani, accompanied by a number of leading figures of the party left Monday for east Sudan.

Deputy head of the party’s Organization Sector, Malik Dirar, said that Al-Mirghani will meet in east Sudan with a number of the political forces and the Sufi sect and native administration leaders with the aim to achieve agreement on a national formula that realizes security of the homeland and the well-being of the citizen, and the development of a clear road map that includes the majority of the people of Sudan to build a rational, just and strong state and to address the imbalances and distortions in the economy to alleviate the suffering experienced by the citizen.

Dirar explained that the deputy leader of the party, Mohamed al-Hassan al-Mirghani, left for east Sudan to inspect the conditions of the people of the east Sudan and to communicate with a number of leaders there, in order to achieve reconciliation and social peace toward boosting unity and societal peace throughout the country.


Source: SUNA

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