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Al-Tahir Hajar Describes Conditions at Displaced Camps as Tragic 

The member of the Transitional Sovereign Council and leader of the Sudan Liberation Forces Group, Al-Tahir Abu-Bakr Hajar, has described the conditions in the camps for the displaced people in Darfur states as tragic, indicating that the living conditions is not suitable for human dignity, pointing to the lack basic services at these camps.

He reviewed at SUNA News Forum Wednesday the He reviewed the results of his long tour in Darfur states, which lasted for (45) days, to inform with the Juba peace and the ways to implement it and to stand on the tragic conditions and hardship of living in all areas of Darfur.

Hajar said that they were accompanied in the tour by other signatory movements of the Juba peace agreements and the Transitional Council, stating that the citizens in the states which they visited have expressed their pleasure over the peace agreement, referring to the delay in implementation of the peace agreement.

Hajar has regretted the tribal sedition that occurred in West Darfur States, pointing to the importance of real reconciliation conference in Darfur.

He said that the coming period will witness holding of the Governance Conference to determine vertical and horizontal relations, stressing the necessity of accord between the people of Darfur in the administration in Darfur region toward ensuring peace and stability.

Source: Suna

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