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Anti-Breast Cancer Campaign Continues in El Fasher 

El–fasher, Oct.18(SUNA)-The Rosy October Campaign for raising awareness of dangers of breast cancer is continuing in El-Fasher, capital of North Darfur State.

Oncologist at El-Fasher Teaching Hospital, Dr. Al-Siddiq Mohamed El-Amin, gave an enlightening lecture at  the headquarters of the Global Aid Hand Organization in El Fasher today to representatives of civil society organizations about benign and malignant tumors and their associated symptoms, especially the  breast cancer.

He affirmed that the breast cancer could be fought through the early detection..

Dr. Khaleda Kamel, Director of the Women’s Organization for Breast Cancer Care and Prevention, for her part, stressed the importance of early self-examination for women of all ages to avoid contracting the disease, stressing that her administration, in cooperation with a number of concerned  authorities, is working to prepare integrated action plans to ensure the continuation of awareness campaigns about the risks of breast cancer and how to prevent it. .

Mohamed Ali Hamed, Head of the Mutakafulon (solidarity ) Initiative in the State and pioneer at the Rosy October Initiative, said that the breast cancer awareness initiative includes giving  awareness lectures, holding enlightening  meetings and forums, and propounding  initiatives that support the necessary activities of the Cancer Center.

It is noteworthy that the Director of the “Global Aid Hand” organization and representative of the Humanitarian Aid Commission(HAC) in the State addressed the opening session  and underscored  cooperation with the voluntary organizations to make  the anti-breast cancer campaign a success.


Source: SUNA

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