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Armed Forces of Sudan and Egypt sign M of U for joint cooperation 

 Khartoum, June 25 (SUNA) – The Sudanese-Egyptian military talks concluded in Khartoum on Thursday, June 24, with the signing of a memorandum of understanding for joint cooperation, where Lieutenant-General Mohammed Osman Al-Hussein, Chief of Staff signed on behalf of the Sudan’s side, and for the Egyptian side, Lieutenant-General Mohammed Farid Hegazy. Chief of Staff of Egypt’s Armed Forces

in a news brief the military media noted that , Chief of Staff, Lieutenant-General Mohammed Osman Al-Hussein has commended the remarkable development in relations between the two armies and thanked the Egyptian Armed Forces for their great support and cooperation, meanwhile his Egyptian counterpart asserted the depth of relations, indicating that the visit came in the framework of follow-up and review of what was agreed upon.

It is worthnoting that the Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces stopped in Khartoum on his way back from Congo and he resumed his trip immediately after the signing.


Source: SUNA

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