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Armed Forces: Our Joint Drills Aim to Support Military Cooperation 

Khartoum, May 22 (SUNA) – The Armed Forces has issued a statement regarding the drills to be held during the coming days, explaining the goals and objectives of these exercises and the frameworks in which they take place.

The statement indicated that the Armed Forces conducts all these drills within protocols previously signed with the brotherly and friendly countries in support of joint military cooperation, the exchange of experiences and standardization of military concepts.

The statement affirmed that the drills comes within the framework of the training policy of the Armed Forces and in line with the signed protocols and joint training agreements between the Sudanese Armed Forces and its counterparts from brotherly and friendly countries, and the upgrading of capabilities and acquiring skills leading to combat competence.

The statement explained that the drills that will be implemented are the exercise of (Protectors of the Nile), which is a joint maneuver between the Sudanese and Egyptian Armed Forces, in which the ground, air and air defence forces from both sides will participate, and will be carried out in the areas of Umm Sayala, Al-Al-Obeid and Merowe, adding that an extension of previous exercises that were carried out such as the drill of ( The Nile Eagles 1 and 2) in Merowe and the exercise of  (Arab Sword 2) in Alexandria, with the participation of the Sudanese forces.

According to the statement, the drill of (Nile Protectors) will be followed by a mixed naval exercise between the Sudanese and Egyptian Naval Forces in the Red Sea, besides a joint training project that will also be implemented with the Qatari forces in the Gebait area of the Red Sea, in which some units of the region will participate.


Source: SUNA

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