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Arrangements set for opening IOM office in Kassala 

The Representative of Kassala State Wali (governor) Addil Aloub received today at Government of State Secretariat the Chief of International Organization (IOM) for Migration in Sudan, Catherine Northing.

The purpose of IOM chief visit to the state is for setting arrangements to open a branch office for the organization in Kassala next May.

Meanwhile AIoub reviewed during the meeting the challenges facing the state particularly in the field of migration, human movements, inflow of refugees besides displacement process.

The Representative of the Wali stressed the important role of IOM branch office suggested to be established in Kassla particularly he said the state is bordering two neighboring countries, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Besides arrangements for opening a branch office the IMO chief explained that she visited the state to meet with competent authorities in order to exchange ideas on priorities and identifies readiness of the state in hosting projects and activities of IOM as stipulates in the agreements.

Northing said that her organization is concern about international migration issues.

She added that the organization is ready to provide support to government of the state as regard of displaced people, refugees and other local issues through establishing a number of projects.


Source : Suna

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