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Arrival of First Quantity of the Covid-19 Vaccine 

The first quantity of the Covid 19 vaccine, amounting to 828,000 doses, provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), arrived in Khartoum on Wednesday aboard the Emirates Airlines.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Omer Mohamed Al-Nagib, announced in a press statement on Wednesday evening at Khartoum Airport that the vaccine will be distributed to all the citizens in all parts of the country free of charge.

He said that the Ministry of Health will fully supervise the process of receiving and preserving the quantities of vaccines, and then distributing them through its trained health cadres, noting that the priority of the vaccination process in the first phase will be for health cadres, including doctors and all workers in the ministry, because they are most vulnerable to infection with the virus and then the vaccination will include the elderly people over the age of 45 and those with chronic diseases, in addition to the Police Forces and all those whose work requires direct contact with crowds.

The minister expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and all the organizations that contributed to the arrival of the vaccines at this early time, adding that Sudan is one of the first three African countries that received vaccines.

Meanwhile, the member of the Technical Committee for Combat of coronavirus, Dr. Dalia Idris, explained that the program aims in its first stage to vaccinate 20 percent of the total number of the targeted people.

She called for a commitment to precautions by wearing masks and sticking to the social distancing, stressing that the vaccination process does not completely end the coronavirus, but constitutes one of the factors to combat the pandemic.

She said that the registration for the vaccination process will be conducted according to the National Number and in an organized and disciplined manner so that the vaccine includes everyone.

Dr. Dalia said that vaccination process will start next week in Khartoum and all the states simultaneously.

 The UNICEF issued a press release confirming that Sudan received 4.5 metric tons of syringes and safety boxes as part of the global stockpile

The representative of the World Health Organization in Sudan, Dr. Niema Saeed Abid, affirmed that the vaccines that arrived Wednesday are safe and have been approved through the list of use in the case of emergencies of the World Health Organization to be used in Sudan and other countries.


Source : Suna

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