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Ashkait border crossing with Egypt registers big increase in imports 

Dongola, Oct. 10 (SUNA) – The Director of Ashkait border crossing at Wadi Halfa in the Northern State, Abbas Hussein Kurdi,  has affirmed that work at the crossing is progressing well pertinent to the movements of people and goods in full harmony among all operating authorities.

Kurdi pointed out in a statement to SUNA that there is a significant increase in the movement of imports, indicating that the increase is steady, as Ashkait crossing witnessed an increase in the movement of imports from 30 to 40 trucks and now jumped to between 55 to 85 trucks on a daily basis.

 He explained that there are many owners of companies and importers of production inputs, food material, pharmaceutical companies and others have expressed their willingness to transfer good shipments to land ports for the comparative advantage of the crossings.


Source: SUNA

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