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At least 10 killed, two villages burned in deadly Darfur tribal clash 

March 31 – 2022 NYALA, At least 10 people were killed and two villages were burned in clashes between the Fallata and Rizeigat tribesmen in South Darfur’s capital of Nyala, on Wednesday. Now in the third day of unrest, the conflict between the tribesmen was sparked by the decision to demarcate the borders between tribes. The decision was issued by the Committee to Address the Situation in Eastern Sudan, headed by Gen Mohamed ‘Hemeti’ Dagalo, Vice-President of Sudan’s Sovereignty Council.

This follows yesterday’s reports of at least 20 people reported to have been killed following the tribesmen’s clashes, on Monday and Tuesday. The clashes that broke out between the two parties can also be attributed to the killing of an officer from the Rapid Support Forces, who belonged to the Rizeigat tribe, in an armed attack by the Fallata on the Singo – El Daein road, on Thursday.

In an effort to break the tribal impasse, mediators have been working with the aggrieved parties on either side to stop the hostilities. However, witnesses told Radio Dabanga that the situation is still extremely tense, despite efforts from mediators in the area.

Darfur Wali (Governor) and former rebel leader, Minni Minawi, expressed his regret over the tribal clashes and announced in a press conference, the suspension of ongoing reconciliation efforts between the Fallata and Taisha tribe, “as the Fallata-Rizegat conflict would cast a shadow over the conference”, he said.

The Wali (governor) of South Darfur state, Hamid al-Tigani Hanoun, asserted that in a press statement, the main reason for the events between Fallata and Rizeigat was due to the subversive tactics of infiltrators from East Darfur, which “caused friction and tribal clashes”, he said.

Hanoun added that, “the State Security Committee are currently touring the tribal areas to separate the parties, in order to achieve security and peace in the neighbouring localities”.

The governor also called on the Civil Administration in East Darfur “to evacuate and remove these infiltrators who caused the events”.


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