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Dates, a Super Fruit
English Audio, Healthy U

Dates, a Super Fruit 

Dates are one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the world. They have flourished across the Middle East for centuries. Mainly known for their sweet delectable flavor, dates are considered ‘super fruit’ by nutritionist. Dates are a good source of various vitamins and minerals, energy, sugar,…

Zoom Backlash
Geeks n Tech

Zoom Backlash 

A number of the world’s largest companies are forbidding employees from using the Zoom Video Communications Inc.’s conferencing app. Daimler AG, Ericsson AB, NXP Semiconductors NV and Bank of America Corp have joined corporations like Tesla Inc. and government agencies from Taiwan to Singapore that…

The Grind

Dealing with difficult People 

Dealing with difficult people involves negotiating with counterparts you mistrust, dislike, or even think are “evil.” Nonetheless, a skilled negotiator knows where to find and create value in any negotiation. When dealing with difficult people, integrative bargaining strategies, including knowledge of your BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated…

too busy
The Grind

If You’re too Busy, Ask Yourself 3 Questions 

Despite the technological advances in the work place that facilitate task, time management remains a problem.  Whether you are behind schedule because your boss keeps throwing more task your way, or you can’t schedule family time because you have too many competing priorities, getting a grip on time management…

Healthy U

The Benefits of Hibiscus 

The hibiscus tea is a herbal tea which is made from the sepals of the hibiscus flower, whose scientific name is Hibiscus sabdariffa. This tea is quite popular in the countries of Egypt, Sudan, Latin America, United States and Trinidad and Tobago. They are known by…


Sudanese Cinnamon Tea 

From first light in the morning to the end of the day and under the pulsing noonday sun, tea ladies line the streets of cities and towns across Sudan. They soak up what little shade they can find along facades of buildings, store awnings and…

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