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Ayesha Musa Affirms Adherence to her Resignation 

Khartoum, May 22 (SUNA) – Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Ayesha Musa, has renewed her adherence to the resignation that she presented on Ramadan 30.

Ayesha stressed at the regular news forum of Sudan News Agency (SUNA) on Saturday that she could not continue to perform her duties while witnessing the aggravation of suffering in all areas to an unbearable degree.

Ayesha said that she and her colleagues tried to get things right, but the matter did not go they had wanted.

In a statement she distributed at the press forum she called for obliging the judicial authorities, responsible for the files of previous investigation committees, to submit the final results of the investigation, to expedite the transparent investigation into the killing of peaceful revolutionaries who were exercising their constitutional right to demonstrate.

She called for the reform of the justice, not by changing people only, but by adoption of concrete steps to enact the laws that guarantee the progress of justice, formation a professional constitutional court that is capable of protecting against violation of the constitution and working forcefully towards holding a constitutional conference that guarantees establishment of a permanent democratic constitution for the country.

Ayesha demanded application of the death sentence against the killers of the martyrs (martyr Ahmed Al-Khair, investigating the real reasons behind the delay in announcing the results of the investigation of the sit-in massacre.

She called for refrain from the method of quotas, the ignoring of priorities and the sharp polarization between the partners, stressing that like such methods will not benefit the democratic transition, but will only aggravate the crises.

She emphasized the necessity of restructuring the regular, military and security forces.

She demanded establishment of the Legislative Assembly and dissolution of the Transitional Partners Council.

Ayesha also called the transfer of power to the civil forces as required by the constitutional document.


Source: SUNA

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