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Bad kitty! Pilot attacked by stray cat mid-air turns plane around 

A cat allegedly attacked a pilot just 30 minutes into a Tarco Airlines flight from Sudan to Qatar, The Sun reported.

The cat got into the hangar during the night while the plane was being prepared. It sought solace in a quiet part of the plane to rest, somewhere where it could be undetected.

However, when the cat woke up, clearly agitated, it made its way to the cockpit. The cat allegedly attacked the pilot and ran from the crew members who attempted to catch it. It’s unclear the circumstances that led to the cat attacking the pilot.

When the crew was unable to catch the agile cat, the pilot decided to turn the plane around and head back to Khartoum International Airport, in in case the animal posed any further threat to guests and crew.

The airline did not divulge what happened to the cat when the plane landed.

Sneaky cats

According to The Sun, a similar incident unfolded on a Brussels Airlines flight in 2004. A Brussels Airlines pilot encountered the wrath of an angry feline when it sneaked into the cockpit.

The publication revealed that the flight to Vienna diverted back to its departure airport just 20 minutes into the flight. There were 62 people on board. According to reports, the cat got into the cockpit while a crew member served refreshments.

Stuck in the cockpit, the cat apparently started scratching the co-pilot and the flight deck, which prompted them to return to Brussels.

Source: IOL

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