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Breeqa says to court Al-Turabi, Ali Osman and Al-Jaz planned for 1989 coup 

Khartoum, May 25 (SUNA)- The accused No. 28 in the trial of plotters of June 30,1989 coup, Col. (retired) Hashim Omer Breeqa  has disclosed involvement of Dr. Hassan Al-Turabi and each of defendants Ali Osman Mohamed Taha and Awad Al-Jaz in the planning for the coup.

Breeqa said in the sitting of the court trying plotters of June 30, 1989 coup, which was held at the Criminal Laboratories Building here today under the chairmanship of Supreme Court Judge Ahmed Ali Ahmed, said according to statements he made during the investigation that he had attended series of meetings that some of them included both military men and civilians and others confined to military persons only.

Breeqa indicated that he had attended a series of meetings during the period just before the coup which were attended by each of Bakri Hassan Salih, Maj. Gen. Al-Hadi Abdalla, Lt. Gen. Al-Zubair Mohamed Salih, Maj. Ibrahim Shams-Eddin, Mohamed Khangar Eltayeb, Mahmoud Sharief, Ali Karti and Al-Fashashoya, explaining that they had been involved in the planning for staging the coup.

The court dropped the suit against defendant Al-Zubair Ahmed Hassan for his death.

 Meanwhile, the court also allowed defendant Ahmed Abdel-Rahman, who is 87-year old, after his statements were read to him not to attend the sittings of the court till issuance of its verdict for health reasons.


Source: SUNA

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