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Cabinet Affairs Minister affirms women representation in negotiation committees 

Juba, May 28- (SUNA) – The Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Engineer Khaled Omer, has affirmed the women’s representation in all technical committees in the negotiations between the government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – North of Abdul Aziz Al- Hilo.

During his meeting with the Feminist Agenda Group at the Pal Hotel in Juba, the minister indicated that the group is included in the negotiation agenda, noting that their participation in all stages of the negotiation is an active participation in the negotiation process.

The minister’s meeting with the women’s group has discussed the widespread violations in conflict areas, calling for the importance of intensifying the campaign to collect weapons, and stopping attacks on the environment, especially by the regular forces.

The women’s group has stressed on the participation in all technical committees in political, security and humanitarian negotiations, demanding that the government adhere to international conventions on women.

The group called for directing the media to the war-affected areas and linking them to what is going on in the negotiation process through the use of local dialects, renewing the demand for the joining of the head of the Sudan Liberation Army Movement, Commander Abdul Wahid Mohammad Nur, to the peace process.


Source: SUNA

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