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Cabinet Affairs Minister: Subsidy will Continue for Medicines, Gas, Electricity, Wheat Flour

Cabinet Affairs Minister: Subsidy will Continue for Medicines, Gas, Electricity, Wheat Flour 

Khartoum, June 26 (SUNA) – The Cabinet Affairs Minister, Khallid Omer Yousif, pointed out that the government will continue to subsidize the medicines, cooking gas, electricity power and wheat flour, and will start immediately imposing control on the markets, monitoring prices and confiscating smuggled gold and currency and delivering them to the Central Bank of Sudan.  

He announced in a press conference on Saturday evening at the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) the immediate start of introducing one million families under the umbrella of health insurance, through funding by the Ministry of Finance and the Zakat Chamber.

The minister explained the expansion of Thamarat program to include three million families (around 15 million citizens) within two months, in addition to increasing the capital of the Selaati program from two billion pounds to 10 billion pounds to, in addition to the immediate start of reactivating productive and consumer cooperative societies, reviewing the salary structure to remove its distortions, and implementing the new salary structure at the beginning of the new fiscal year 2022.

He also announced the start of procedures for recruitment of 5,000 male and female employees in the capital and the states at the service entrance, accepting all school-age children for free in the first grade of primary school in government schools and preventing the collection of any fees on the students.

The Cabinet Affairs Minister emphasized stopping the importation from the customer’s own resources and preventing importation without the banking procedures, and not to accept any settlement in this regard, in addition to completing the procedures for establishing the Gold and Crops Exchange immediately, and providing the necessary funding for the agricultural inputs in the traditional and semi-mechanized irrigated and rain-fed sector through the Bank Portfolio and the Ministry of Finance.

The minister announced the immediate start of completing the Garri 3 Electricity project, which is expected to add 450 megawatts to the national grid, providing the necessary resources for the maintenance of all stations to ensure their adds to the national grid with the equivalent of at least 250 megawatts before the end of the current year, besides the immediate signing of contracts for solar and wind energy generation projects, in addition to rehabilitating the area of irrigated schemes, by adding 100,000 acres to the existing areas and the immediate start to drilling 500 wells for drinking water in all the states of Sudan, focusing on the areas affected by the war.


Source: SUNA

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