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City Blogs

The Dark side of Equality 

28 March 2020Home Miscellaneous Nov 21, 2019by Sajda Mohamed – The Dark Side of Equality: Thoughts of a Married Working Mom in Sudan My timeline on social media is filled with posts from women writing about their struggles to find balance in their lives. They…

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Port Sudan, Off the Beaten Path 

Port Sudan is a gem on the Red Sea from whichever angle you look. A wonderfully quaint city in which Eastern Sudanese culture can be experienced, in context. Port Sudan is not a touristy town. The tourist footprint is not very apparent in the city—possibly…

City Blogs

Growing Your Sudan Skin 

Never once did I think I’d ever come to live in Sudan despite being of Sudanese descent. Rather I saw myself continuing to be what I grew up as…. a citizen of the world. As a child I often heard tales of almost mythical proportions about…

City Blogs

Life in Between 

Liberal or conservative, government or opposition, defendant or claimant, clashes or peacetime. Such terms are the only terms I was familiar with prior to my work with Tangiers International as a field agent in Sudan. I hadn’t realized that there is a whole life that…

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The Sabeel 

SUDAN ZAMAAN A common fixture in Sudan to refresh yourself on a hot day NOTE: take from article, Benefits of Zeer Water (arabic) in Articles, Editorials and Opinions Some of the best water I have drunk, came from a set of rotund blackish water pots,…