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Category: Culture


To Scar or Not to Scar 

As a teacher, what we call experience is merely a reciprocal process of learning which comes from our students. Much of the knowledge imparted by a teacher to students is a result of knowledge gained from students. What do I mean? Because learning is based…

Culture, Expat Corner

Understanding Moojaamalah 

If you haven’t heard this term by now you would have undoubtedly experienced this it in action.  Translated as courtesy, the term moojamalah is most definitely used here in Sudan in a courteous way!   However, the courtesy behind this word is only half the story….

Corona, Culture

Ramadan and the Coronavirus 

Closed mosques, cancelled pilgrimages, suspended gatherings… faced with the spread of COVID-19 and despite a certain amount of reluctance, Muslim religious leaders are left with no other choice but to adapt. As countries around the world have moved to ban social gatherings to try and…