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Category: Education


How to Get Children Reading 

As a literature teacher (former), I was frequently asked by parents how to get children to read. A simple straightforward question that defies a similar response. Why? There are many factors causing the decline in children’s interest in reading. Many are connected to the onslaught…


The Fallacy of Good Grades 

Why tests don’t measure your child’s most important strengths. At the beginning of each school year, my daughter always anticipated a new opportunity to achieve “A” grades. But as the semester progressed, her expectations usually faded as test scores diminished her chances of believing in…


School Blues 

No doubt the idea of finally being able to go and live in my Father’s country of origin was a dream come true.  However, I, like many other returning Sudanese and expatriates living in Sudan, have found the school situation here to be a bit of…


Using Dr. Seuss’ Approach for Homeschooling 

With no foreseeable end to school closures, many parents are rightfully concerned about their children’s education. Some have tried homeschooling as a solution. However, attempting to homeschool children, without the aid of teacher support resources and experience, many parents find themselves failing miserably to hold…