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Gateway Center · APART VS A PART Apart and a part are often confused because they sound the same but have completely different meanings.  Apart The word apart is mostly used to show separation between two or more things.  For example: He was apart from his family for 2…

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Rufaa’ Ferry 

The Hasahasa, Rufaa’ Ferry There’s something magical (for lack of a better term) about ferries. Not so long ago, there were a number of pontoons ferrying people and animals back and forth across the Blue Nile, but now, many of them have been retired by…

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Dates, a Super Fruit 

Dates are one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the world. They have flourished across the Middle East for centuries. Mainly known for their sweet delectable flavor, dates are considered ‘super fruit’ by nutritionist. Dates are a good source of various vitamins and minerals, energy, sugar,…

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Gateway Center · ACCEPT VS EXCEPT Accept Accept is a word that means to take or receive something that is offered. We can accept things that we can touch (tangible) or things we can’t touch (intangible). For example: You can accept a gift (which is tangible) or a new job…

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The Sabeel 

SUDAN ZAMAAN A common fixture in Sudan to refresh yourself on a hot day NOTE: take from article, Benefits of Zeer Water (arabic) in Articles, Editorials and Opinions Some of the best water I have drunk, came from a set of rotund blackish water pots,…