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Category: Featured


Life Out of Context 

Scrolling through articles, I came across an interesting phrase, context collapse. A term coined around 2002 to describe what happens on social media when your opinions are read by others who they weren’t meant for and taken out of context. No scrolling up to 2020,…


Why Sudan 

Why Sudan? This is a common question asked to the Muhajireen (immigrants) particularly those coming from Western countries. And although I hear similar answers from other Muhajireen, I can only answer for myself. The question, albeit straightforward, is tinged with some astonishment. In reality, Sudan…


Tips for Working from Home 

In much of the New World Order created by the pandemic, people are encouraged to stay home. For many it means lost of work, but for those who are fortunate enough to be able to transition to working from home, it can be a lifeline….

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