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Category: Lifestyle


The Truth About Cocoons 

Cocoons and Covid-19 What caterpillars go through has applications for our moment. Remember in general science class as a child what you learned about cocoons? How a worm or caterpillar spins a silky web about itself to later emerge as a beautiful butterfly. It was…

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Rufaa’ Ferry 

The Hasahasa, Rufaa’ Ferry There’s something magical (for lack of a better term) about ferries. Not so long ago, there were a number of pontoons ferrying people and animals back and forth across the Blue Nile, but now, many of them have been retired by…


A Guide to Urban Homesteading 

Urban Homesteading: A Guide for Landless Homesteaders Homesteading, once considered a thing of the past, has become popular again. Many people wanting to free themselves of the rat race, dead end jobs, rent and unhealthy industrial food, are now heading out of cities and into…


A Brief History of Our Plastic Bag Dilemma 

As has been stated in numerous situations, we humans are creatures of habit—provided things don’t change continuously. And even when things do change, initially we complain to our neighbors and point the proverbial finger at others, but eventually we fall in line—sometimes literally. The other…


Sudanese Cinnamon Tea 

From first light in the morning to the end of the day and under the pulsing noonday sun, tea ladies line the streets of cities and towns across Sudan. They soak up what little shade they can find along facades of buildings, store awnings and…


Baseema, Sudanese lemon Cake 

Baseema is an easy prep cake traditional Sudanese. The name of this delicious golden cake means smiles. Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll understand why. When served, Baseema is usually cut into squares. Cake Ingredients 5 eggs 1 cup powdered sugar 3/4 cup vegetable oil 1…