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Civil society groups welcome resignation of Sovereign Council member 

May 16, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – The Alliance of Civil Society Forces (ACSF) in Sudan has praised the resignation of a member of the Sovereign Council, Aisha Musa, in protest of the killing of two youth by soldiers in the vicinity of the army headquarters last week.

Musa was nominated for the Sovereign Council by the ASCF, which part of the ruling Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC).

Following the murder of the two youth, there were unconfirmed press reports about the resignation of the female member of the Sovereign Council but there is no official confirmation until now.

Also, The Sudan Tribune sought in vain to reach Musa despite the repeated calls.

“We salute the stance of Aisha Musa a,d the submission of her resounding resignation from the membership of the Sovereign Council,” said the alliance in a statement on Sunday.

The ACSF pointed out that the resignation was an expression of its rejection of “all forms of killing and oppression that our people are facing by the transitional power structures.”

On Sunday, the head of the transitional Council handed over to the Attorney General a report by the Sudanese military justice about the bloody attack on the peaceful protesters at the end of a rally to commemorate the killing of over 200 protesters two years ago by the security forces.

The army also handed over 7 militaries involved directly in the shooting and 92 others suspected by the army of playing a role in the deliberate attack.

The transitional cabinet has been facing huge criticism for the slow pace of the investigation committee which failed to produce a report about its findings on the attack on protesters outside the army headquarters on 3 June 2019.

The ACSF’s statement called for the resignation of all the FFC members from the Sovereign Council. Also, it called for holding the military component responsible for the killing of civilians on 11 May 2021.

The alliance also called on Prime Minister Hamdok to dismiss the heads of the relevant security and executive agencies, amend the existing legislation and adopt a new law for the security apparatus that protects public freedoms.

On May 12, the Council of Ministers called on the Ministry of Justice to finalize a draft law on the Internal Security Agency and hold wide consultations about it.

Also, the government summoned the investigation committee into the 2019 attack on the sit-in to report about its findings and said it would give it a time frame by which it has to complete its task.


Source: SudanTribune

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