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Commander of Kordufan Sector: Rapid Support Forces will Remain in Abu-Jebaiha

Commander of Kordufan Sector: Rapid Support Forces will Remain in Abu-Jebaiha 

Abu-Jebaiha, Mar.21 (SUNA) – The Commander of the Rapid Support Forces in Kordufan Sector, Brig. Adam Abu-Shanab Hamadain, announced that forces his forces will remain in Abu-Jebaiha, contrary to the claims about its departure the local area after security was restored.

Hamadain affirmed that war is launched on the outlaw persons, and called on every outlaw to consider his position, reiterating that the task of the Rapid Support Forces is to combat the negative phenomena.

He expressed his wish that reconciliations will he held before the rainy season.

On his part, the leader of the media group, Najm-Eddin, praised the youth of Abu Jebaiha for their support to the reconciliation between Kenana and Hawazma tribes.

The chieftains and notables of the Kenana and Hawazma tribes attributed the disputes between Hawazma and Kenana tribes to unruly acts that claimed lives of a number of people, welcoming the arrival of the Rapid Support Forces and their sponsorship of the reconciliations.

The tribes Awlad Hamid and Messeriya affirmed their neutrality and support for the initiatives aimed at reconciliation, and demanded the asphalting of the national road leading to Kluji and the maintenance of the mosque.


Source: SUNA

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