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Committee for Investigation in January 17 Events Hears Witnesses 

Khartoum, Jan. 29 (SUNA) – The Committee for of investigation in the events of January 17, which was formed by the President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, explained that upon its assuming its duties, it took testimonies of witnesses from the Police Forces, families of the victims and others regarding the killing cases during the events of January 17.

The committee indicated in a press statement on Saturday that it also watched a video showing one of the regular forces firing a Kalashnikov rifle, and as a result, the weapons of the men who received arms and ammunition on that day were seized, and the weapons and the video were sent to the competent technical authorities for the purpose of examination.

The investigation committee has started to summon the potential witnesses through the National Radio and Television.

The committee also summoned medical staff of both Al-Jawda Hospital and the Bashayer Morgue, as part of the search for technical and medical evidence.

In its statement, the committee stated that it will continue its efforts to gather evidence to reach the truth.


Source: SUNA

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