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Committees on dismantling and Removal of empowerment sworn-in 

Khartoum, June 21 (SUNA) – The Committees on Dismantling and Removal of Empowerment in Khartoum State too oath, Monday before the Chief Justice, Hassan Fadlalla and the member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Mohammed Al-Fakki Suleiman.

The TSC Member, addressing the oath-taking ceremony has described the .the work of the committees as political according to the law and the Constitutional Document.

“None of the components and members of the former regime and the National Congress will be allowed to engage in any political activity or hold seminars or meetings at any level, even at the neighborhood level, and that they will be prevented by law” He stressed.

He underlined that the freedom and the democracy are exclusively, for all Sudanese people who were not members in the National Congress Party, and did not get involve in looting public money or commit crimes against the people from all forms of actions prohibited and criminalized by law.


Source: SUNA

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