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Council of Ministers Issues Statement on Occasion of First Anniversary of Juba Peace Agreement 

Khartoum, Oct. 4 (SUNA) – The Council of Ministers has issued a statement on the occasion of the first anniversary for the signing of the Juba agreement for peace in Sudan.

The statement indicated that the demand to achieve a comprehensive and just peace, stop the civil war and to silence the guns in the country for ever was one of the most important slogans of the glorious December revolution that has been repeated in all the processions since the start of the revolution (freedom, peace and justice), based on the belief of all citizens that peace is the bulwark for the building and the continuity the modern state, and that it is impossible to achieve stability, democracy, development and to ensure freedoms without peace.

The statement pointed out that the transitional government has placed the issue of achieving peace as its first priority since its first day, and has responded to all initiatives in this regard, adding that the government has engaged in serious negotiations with all concerned parties, which resulted in the historic event of the signing of the Juba agreement for peace in Sudan.

 According to the statement, the transitional government was aware of the serious difficulties and challenges that would face the march of transforming the agreement into a reality and implementing it on the ground and the great work required to complete the remaining stages .

The Council of Ministers stressed that the transitional government, with all its components, is still keen to accomplish the duties and obligations of Completing the formation of mechanisms and commissions entrusted with implementing the agreement’s protocols, holding the conferences stipulated in the agreement, providing the necessary resources to implement the protocols of security arrangements, the comprehensive reform of the security sector, establishing a single national  professional army, ensuring the return of the displaced people and refugees to their home areas, replacing ammunition and weapons with production and development inputs so that every Sudanese can enjoy decent living, free and good basic education and health services.

 The statement emphasized that the goal of comprehensive peace is irreversible and that the government will exert every possible effort to achieve it, adding that the government go with an open heart and mind for achieving peace and to discuss any issue.

The government pointed out that it obtains the ability to discuss all issues for reaching peace, indicating that the hands are still stretched out to the rest of the armed struggle movements, the comrades in the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – North led by the commander Abdul-Aziz Al-Hillu, and the Sudan Liberation Army Movement led by Abdul-Wahid Mohamed Nour.

The Council of Ministers stressed that it have a serious intention and is quite ready to resume the negotiations with the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement -North at the Juba platform, and that it is giving concern to the invitation of Abdul-Wahid Mohamed Nour for internal dialogue with all the Sudanese forces and components, expressing welcome to the call of Abdul-Wahid Mohamed for dialogue and invites him to come to Khartoum to start the dialogue processes, affirming the readiness to provide him with all the necessary guarantees of the freedom of movement and meeting with whoever he wants.

The government also expressed greetings and appreciation to the brothers in the Republic of South Sudan, led by President Salva Kiir, and the mediation team for their efforts and hard work until the first phase of peace process was signed, adding that Sudan government expects more from them in the coming period to complete the second phase of the peace process and to reach a comprehensive and just peace.


Source: SUNA

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