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Court of June 30 coup case adjourns session 

Khartoum, July 6 (SUNA)- The court of June 30, 1989 coup case adjourned its session today to next Tuesday to rule on requests made by the defense lawyers pleading for dropping the suit against the defendants or releasing them on ordinary bail  for the absence of the prosecution panel from the sitting.

The court explained in today’s session that the reasons for the absence of the prosecution committee from its previous session were not known to it at the time, but it came to its knowledge later, that the prosecution had submitted a request to the Chief Justice, which has not yet been decided upon, and therefore decided to follow up on the course of the session.

 However, the defense lawyers submitted requests pleading that the suit be dropped, and in the event of rejection, they called for the release of the defendants on ordinary bail, noting the defendants were harmed due to the absence of the prosecution representatives.

The court decided that it did not have time to rule on the matter and decided to adjourn the session to next Tuesday.


Source: SUNA

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