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Court Rejects Prosecution Calll to Exempt Witnesses from Public Appearance 

Khartoum, Oct. 18 (SUNA) – The court trying the case of martyr Mahgoub Al-Taj has turned down a call of the Prosecution to protect its witnesses by exempting them from public appearance at the court’s hall.

In its decision, the court indicated that the circular of the Chief Justice in this regard, on which the Prosecution relied in its request, is not binding to the court, explain that the appearance of the accused persons , including the appearance of witnesses, is an essential in achieving justice, because it allows the case to be presented in all its aspects and that the defense can clarify all the events and circumstances of the case to show the best way it adopts in its line of defence.

The court’s judge, Zuhair Babiker Abdul-Raziq, has reserved his right to ensure the protection of the Prosecution witnesses in the manner that he sees suitable and in accordance with the way stipulated by the law in this connection.

The court expressed its vision in the protection of witnesses in accordance with the law for banning photography and recording in the coming court sittings until conclusion of hearing of the accusation witnesses.

The court then resumed its sittings by hearing the indictment witness who belongs to the General Intelligence Service and works at Al-Amal Hospital, Captain Dr. Salah-Eddin Ahmed Mohamed Salih, who stated that the body of martyr Mahgoub Al-Taj arrived at the Emergency Room in the hospital on January 24, 2019, adding that the preliminary examination and ECG revealed that he has died.

The court decided that the competent authorities shall investigate in the dismissal of a witness from his job, according to his claim, after he testified before it in previous sittings.

The court set next Monday, November 8, as a date for its coming sitting, based on the Prosecution’s request, in order to enable the court to arrange the means to secure the protection of its witnesses, in accordance with the procedures determined in accordance with the law.


Source: SUNA

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