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Court Seeing Case of Martyr Mahjoub Al-Taj Continues Hearing Accusation Witnesses 

Khartoum, Dec. 27 (SUNA)- The court seeing the case of martyr Mahjoub Al-Taj, the student of Al-Razi University – Faculty of Medicine, Monday heard statements of prosecution witnesses and two on the martyrs’ student colleagues.

The witness, Al-Tayeb Al-Taher Al-Tayeb, 26 years, a medical student at Al-Razi University, described the atmosphere at that time in the vicinity of the university during the days “18, 19 and 20” as calm and not expected to result in violent incidents.

He said that they were preparing for protests against the university opening of its doors in light of the closure of most universities, a matter which limits the provision of an appropriate study atmosphere, adding that the martyr Mahjoub was a friend of all and had no known political activities.

The witness indicated that he noticed the presence of a pick-up car in the yard of the university, and that its driver tried to intimidate the students by driving with very high speed, in addition to the fact that there were other land-cruiser  pick up vehicles inside the university in front of its entrance, noting that at those moments, he witnessed an intensive tear gas bombing.

 Mohamed Al-Saddiq, a student of the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Razi University, confirmed what the previous witness, Al-Tayeb Al-Taher, said before the court, indicating that he learned of Mahjoub’s martyrdom in Al-Amal Hospital, where he and his companion Al-Taher made a tour to search for him in various places at the headquarters of the Security Service and a number of hospitals.

 He said that they were looking for a way to deal amicably with the issue of the university closure, but that events went fasty in a way that led to what has happened.

The court then adjourned its sitting until the next week.


Source: SUNA

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