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COVID-19: Khartoum MoH monitors 12 cases from India

COVID-19: Khartoum MoH monitors 12 cases from India 

The Khartoum Ministry of Health announced that it is monitoring 12 COVID-19 cases from India. The Sudanese Federal Ministry of Health reported 37 new COVID-19 deaths and 428 new cases of infection within the period from May 2 to May 8. 

According to the epidemiological report issued by the Ministry of Health, the cumulative number of COVID-19 infections since March last year increased to 32,272 cases, 2,446 deaths, and 27,949 recoveries.

The director of the health ministry’s General Administration explained last month that the statistics issued by the Federal Ministry of Health do not cover all cases. She explained that a comprehensive vaccination campaign is the only way for Sudan to curb the pandemic.

In Khartoum, the state Ministry of Health announced it is monitoring 12 cases of COVID-19 infections coming from India. Those infected are currently quarantining at home in Omdurman and Khartoum North.

Last month, Sudan suspended passenger flights to and from India due to the high infection rates in the country and the emergence of a new, potentially more contagious, strain of COVID-19.

The West Kordofan Ministry of Health reported a new case, a 55-year-old person in the state capital El Fula. This is the first officially registered COVID-19 case in the state since the start of the third wave, bringing the cumulative number of cases in West Kordofan to 205.

In Sennar, the state Ministry of Health recorded two new COVID-19 cases, one in Singa and the other in Abu Hajjar, bringing the cumulative number of confirmed cases in the state to 617 with 91 deaths and 490 recoveries.

In El Gezira’s capital, Wad Madani, the Ministry of Health launched “a comprehensive disinfection programme for governmental and non-governmental institutions” yesterday to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Last week, doctors in Sudan raises alarm over an “impending health disaster” amidst the third CODIV-19 wave, medicine shortages, lack of funding, and insecurity.

In North Kordofan, the Health Emergency Committee declared a State of Health Emergency last week in response to the sharp rise in COVID-19 infections in April. Northern State also reported dozens of new cases. 


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