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Daglo affirms pursuit of justice and effecting rule of law

Daglo affirms pursuit of justice and effecting rule of law 

Khartoum, April 17 (SUNA) – Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo has stressed the need to achieve justice and implement the rule of law on every convict, and to release those against whom no crime has been proven.

Addressing a Ramadan Iftar in East Nile yesterday, Daglo stressed that there are no political detainees and that there are defendants whose procedures should be completed in accordance with the law.

He pointed out that governance is based on justice and that they would not interfere in any case before the Judiciary.

Daglo criticized attempts by some political forces to pass their own agenda through facilitators and to extend the transitional period for as long as possible, pointing out that this would not happen and that the only way to govern is by elections.

Daglo ridiculed attempts by some persons to portray the peace agreement as a conspiracy by him against the people of northern Sudan, pointing out that this talk is intended to demonize him, indicating that he is fully aware that the people of the north have been subjected to injustice as the rest of the regions of Sudan.

He said that Sudan would not be built by a tribe or party, but by its sons from all Sudan, pointing to the importance of the Sudanese accepting each other and work together to lead the country towards the forefront.


Source: SUNA

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