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Daglo: Hamdouk’s Visit Affirms Meaning of Partnership between Two Parties of Constitutional Document 

Khartoum, Sep. 15 (SUNA) – The Vice – President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, has expressed pleasure on the visit of Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, and his accompanying delegation to the Command of the Rapid Support Forces, stressing that this visit clearly embodies the meanings of the partnership between the two parties to the constitutional document, the military and the civilians, and also represents an affirmation of the patriotic spirit in managing the country during this important stage.

He pointed out that the Rapid Support Forces have presented the best examples of sacrifice through a great revolution that stunned the world, wishing mercy for the souls of the martyrs of the military and the civilians, and saluted all the regular forces, the Armed Forces, the Rapid Support, the Police Forces and the General Intelligence Service, which have sided in courage with the choices and demands of the people until the desired change was achieved and a dark page was turned out of the nation’s history

He referred to the great role played by the Rapid Support Forces in achieving victory of the glorious revolution and the big sacrifices that these forces have given in this regard.

He said that the Rapid Support Forces have remained and will remain with the other regular forces as a protector of the homeland and faithful to the potentialities and desires of the people, patient and persistent in implementation of its sacred duty in order to preserve the dignity of the people and the homeland.

Gen. Daglo emphasized that the Rapid Support Forces will remain faithful to the pledge that it gave to the people to maintain their security and stability and to ensure the achievement of the goals of the transitional period –  represented in achieving comprehensive peace and building a state of citizenship, leading to real democracy through free and fair elections, adding that the Rapid Support Forces are fully prepared to implement any national tasks assigned to them.

He said that the grave challenges facing the country require all people to work together to carry out a comprehensive and deep reform process, focusing on the most important priorities, foremost of which is improving the necessary services, giving attention to the citizen’s livelihood, working to establish the foundations of peace, imposing the prestige of the state, ending the state of political tension by creating a common ground in which all shall meet without exclusion. Indicating that the initiative of the Prime Minister represents a way out to build on it with ideas, opinions and other initiatives.

Daglo stressed the importance of uniting efforts and to work together to overcome partisan, regional and tribal differences, adding that we must correct our mistakes with courage to build the future of the coming generations.

He also affirmed the importance of trust in each other, along with believing in the values that bind the Sudanese people as well as the confidence on the institutions that serve and protect the people.


Source: SUNA

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