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Daglo Lauds Regular Forces Role in Maintaining Stability of the Country 

Khartoum, Sep.22(SUNA)-The First Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council(TSC),Gen.Mohamed Hamdan Daglo has commended the regular forces which, he said,  have exerted considerable  efforts  to protect the people and the territory  and foiled all attempts of the traitors who are  endeavoring all time  to make seditions and destabilize the country’ stability.

 This came while he was addressing Wednesday  the graduation of the Special Forces at Wad Sayedna area.

He hailed  citizens who, he explained,  endured  sufferings and hardships  of life  as they dream with progressed, prosperous , secured and stable country.

Daglo said that this stage is considered a pivotal stage in the history of change for Sudan, wishing it would be better than what we are witnessing today, praising the role of the regular forces that thwarted the coup attempt that took place yesterday, and that  the group that did so was arrested without losses, stressing that it is not the first attempt in the transitional period that the regular forces repulse it.

Daglo added that the cause of the repeated attempted coups were the  politicians who neglected  the citizen’s basic services and livelihood, and their preoccupation with the struggle over chairs and the sharing  of positions, which created a state of dissatisfaction among the citizens that  forced  many of them to migrate outside the country and sell some of their properties to meet  the  cost of living.

He  stressed that they are in the regular forces, and since the regime change, they have not spared anything, explaining that we have devoted   all the capabilities of the regular forces for the interest of our honorable people and the stability of our country, in implementation of the pledge we  have made to the people to preserve the transitional period and achieve the slogans of the revolution, freedom, peace and justice.


Source: SUNA

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