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Daglo Receives Phone Call from US Assistant Secretary of State 

Khartoum, Jan.5(SUNA)-Vice-President of the Transitioanl Sovereignty Council(TSC) Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo received a telephone call from the US Assistant Secretary of State  for African Affairs, Molly Phee during which the two sides affirmed necessity of completing arrangements of  democratic transition in the country in order to reach to elections at the end of the transitional period,.

Daglo presented a full briefing to the US Assistant Secretary of State  about the political situations  in the country , commending the American government’s big role and concern  with Sudan , expressing hope that the US Government would continue its efforts  in helping Sudan to go ahead with democratic transition process

He indicated  that the way-out of the  current political crisis  implies in initiating inclusive dialogue that leads to national consensus embarcing all Sudanese

Molly Phee,, for her part, underscored keenness of her country to cooperate and coordinate with  government of Sudan to make the transitional period and the democratic transition a success.

She said she supports  the Sudanese-Sudanese talks  to overcome the current crisis , announcing readiness of her country  and the international community  to provide every possible support  that help the Sudanese people  to achieve stability  and democratic transition their  counry

Phee pointed  to possibility  of making use of the United Nations  Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) to play role of mediator and narrow  difference of views  between the Sudanese parties.

The phone call between the TSC Vice-President and the US Assistant Secretary of State  came within framework of  consultation,   coordination and  assurance of the democratic transition process.


Source: SUNA

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