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Darfur Governor Meets ICC Prosecutor General

Darfur Governor Meets ICC Prosecutor General 

Khartoum, May 29 (SUNA) – The Governor of Darfur Region, Menni Arko Menawi, Saturday received in his residence the visiting Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Fatou Bensouda, and appreciated her stance aimed to realizing the truth and applying justice against the perpetrators who committed crimes against humanity.

 In a press statement after the meeting, Menawi praised Bensouda’s concern and standing alongside the victims of war and genocide in Darfur, stressing the importance of handing over all the criminals accused of crimes against humanity, headed by accused Omer Al-Bashir and Ahmed Haroun, to the International Criminal Court to join the accused Ali Kosheib.

He called on the judicial authorities to expedite the application of the law on the perpetrators of the Darfur crimes for achieving the goals of the revolution, reiterating his thanks and appreciation to Bensouda, who would visit the victims of war in Darfur and listen to them.

On her part, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, said that the ICC has already begun investigating the cases of war crimes and genocide, indicating that she will visit Darfur for this purpose.

Bensouda expressed her thanks to the people of Darfur for their continuous demand for the trial of the perpetrators of the crimes, confirming that her visit and the ICC team to Darfur will be an opportunity to identify the conditions of the victims on the ground, praising their interest in achieving justice and punishing the criminals for what they have committed in the region.

She expressed thanks to everyone who cooperated with the ICC and her office for achieving justice, explaining that she will leave, but her team will be present and will work to apply justice and to enforce the law.


Source: SUNA

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