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Dengue, Hep E reported in North Darfur 

October 11 – 2021 EL FASHER / KHARTOUM, The Ministry of Health in North Darfur reported on Saturday that cases of dengue fever and hepatitis E have emerged in the state.

Doctor Mujtaba El Tijani, Director of the Ministry of Health in North Darfur said that the results of the examination that were sent to the National Reference Laboratory in Khartoum reported five positive cases of dengue fever among 12 samples taken from suspected cases.

It also reported the emergence of seven positive cases of viral hepatitis type E out of a total of 14 samples that were taken at the Shangil Tobaya administrative unit in Dar El Salaam locality. He said that the coming period requires completely different work and interventions to mobilise all official and popular efforts and health partners to confront the situation.

The federal Ministry of Health reported the registration of three COVID-19 deaths on Saturday, with 18 new cases and 310 active cases. In its daily report, the ministry reported that 10 cases were recorded in Northern State, three cases in Khartoum, and five samples were tested positive at the private laboratory of the International Hospital in Khartoum North.

The report indicated that there are 310 active cases so far in the country. For its part, the Ministry of Health in Northern State reported that two deaths were recorded in Delgo and El Borgeig, and 12 confirmed cases of infection on Saturday. The active cases treated at home amounted to 63 cases, in addition to one case in the isolation centre in Dongola and six cases in in the isolation centre in Halfa.


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