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Deputy Governor of S. Kordofan Affirms Importance of Implementing Juba Peace Agreement 

Delinj, Mar.26 -(SUNA) Deputy  Governor (Wali) of South Kordofan State, Alrasheed Attia Atron affirmed the importance of the role of the native administation in establishing permanent peace and Juba Peace Agreement on the ground.

This came when the Deputy Governoer  visited Delinj locality for the first time and met witrh the native administrations in the locality.

 Alrasheed underlined in a press statement that  the meeting reviewed the challenges facing their work , besides establishment of a project to  serve the peace agreement and ways to implement self- governance on the ground. Attia pointed out that the native adminstration is a genuine partner in executing plans and programs,affirming the government efforts to support capacity building  through training and rehabilitation.


Source: SUNA

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