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Dhio Mattok: Measures Adopted in Security Arrangements File 

Khartoum, June 7 (SUNA) – The rappoteur of South Sudan mediation, Dr. Dhio Mattok, announced that the mediation has made consultations with the parties of the peace process and agreement was reached to review some positions in the draft framework agreement.

He explained in a press statement that the consultations resulted in a number of steps in the security arrangements file, explaining that agreement was reached to form a mini-committee between the two parties to formulate the unified form of the security arrangements.

Mattok said that many cases in the judicial system have been solved and only one case remains, indicating that the committee concerned with the judicial system has been assigned to review and address this case.

The mediation rappoteur indicated that Monday’s sitting of direct negotiations between the government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – North of Al Hillu faction in the Palm Africa Hotel, resolved most of the points of disagreement on the Evaluation and Follow-up Commission and many of the controversial issues in the draft framework agreement, which were originally issues that were resolved in the Declaration of Principles signed last March by the government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – North of Hillu faction, which were the issues related to religion, state and self-determination.

He called on the parties to abide by what was agreed upon in the Declaration of Principles, stressing that the mediation will not accept revision of the Declaration of Principles.

The direct negotiations between the government and the SPLM – North, Al-Hillu faction, will be resumed after 03:00 p.m. today (Monday).


Source: SUNA

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