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Donald Booth renews US support to Juba Peace Agreement 

Khartoum, June 8 (SUNA) – The Representative of the US in Khartoum, Donald Booth has renewed his country’s full support to Juba Peace Agreement, attributing the delay in signing on their part of the Solidarity Document as witnesses, to the peace agreement, for a whole year, because they thought until they witnessed the agreement implemented on the ground in political practices,confirming the firm desire of the peace parties to implement the agreement and achieve peace.

 The US diplomat addressing the signing ceremony for Juba Agreement by the Troika pointed out that the agreement is considered important means for the Sudanese to realize the goals of the revolution and silence the gun.Booth explained that the process of implementing the agreement for Darfur was slow, and there was no actual change in the lives of those who were exposed to cases of insecurity aI

nd bloody clashes there, pointing to the issue of collecting weapons and reforming the financial system that requires determination and political will..

Donald Booth expressed the United States’ readiness to provide aid and assistance to create an independent mechanism that supports the peace parties.


Source: SUNA

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